Tiger Tail

As a young inventor, I started by considering what could be done on a very limited budget. In a moment of desperation I began to order components online and put them together ... This resulted in the new "human rolling pin" that I gave the name Tiger Tail. THE NAME Everyone wants to know where the name Tiger Tail comes from? The answer is fairly straightforward. I had grips in different colors in store, and as the core part of the product was black I wanted a color which would match it. Red and black was a little dull, while blue and black made me think of an insurance company or a bank. And then I came to orange, and started thinking about a tiger. It struck me that a tiger's tail was straight, strong and representative of balance, and then eureka: Tiger Tail! I liked the name and what it represented, so it stuck. Tiger Tail is currently recognized around the world as the orange-black muscle roller. INSPIRATION Why did I come up with the Tiger Tail? A lot of people think I'm a physiotherapist or a massage therapist, but the truth is I'm neither. I'm actually a sportsman who's suffered a whole lot of pain taking part in a wide range of sports. I've been playing football for over 30 years, including a spell with division one outfit Washington State University. I've always needed the Tiger Tail, I just didn't realize it … One year, after rupturing my anterior cruciate ligament I was advised by my therapists to use a foam roller or rolling pin to alleviate the pain after the operation, but this didn't have any effect for me. So one day, I wondered what would happen if you put a foam roller and a rolling pin together. I just had to give it a try … BLOOD, SWEAT AND (OCCASIONALLY) TEARS The Tiger Tail story started in my garage. I created the very first prototype using materials I'd found online and at Home Depot. My instincts told me this was a potentially interesting product, but after my first product launch I was fairly doubtful about how successful such a simple invention could become. Nevertheless, I trusted my instincts and decided to make 125 units before putting together a sales brochure and taking them along to the international Seattle Bike Show. Once I'd sold the initial 125, I made another 150 models and brought them to another exhibition, sold them and then repeated the process. This continued until eventually, demand started to overtake supply. Today, thankfully, my manufacturing partner can keep pace with the demand which my customers have helped create. The Tiger Tail is still Made in USA, and each model is built using the original production process to guarantee the highest standards. SPRING FAUSSETT Inventor of Tiger Tail

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